Frequently Asked Questions

Why do your Bottles look so attractive?!
Though our bottles are beautiful, glass is inherently uneven.  All of our bottles are guaranteed a full 15ml, in fact, the reason we use custom bottles is because we want to make sure our customers are receiving what is advertised.  Most manufacturers use ‘Boston Round’ style bottles, which actually hold less than 15ml.  We are looking to create customized machinery that can fill all bottles to meet or exceed 15ml to provide a more even line when comparing bottles.

Companies who use the Boston Round style don’t have this issue because the Boston Round style, especially when a drip glass is included, cannot hold the 15ml advertised, giving the appearance of a ‘full’ bottle.

My Vape Juice has changed color, is this normal?
Yes, it is perfectly fine.  This is simply part of the steeping, or aging process.  This process does affect flavor and nicotine strength, sometimes for the better!

What is steeping?
Steeping is a process of change which happens over time to the flavor of our products.  It usually enhances some flavors while making others such as nicotine more mellow, or softer.

Does Signature Vape Juice require steeping?
No.  Our juices taste great out of the bottle; however, if you purchase a product from us and find that you’re not tasting the listed flavors, give it some time to steep.  Perhaps you prefer a little character to the flavor that only time can add.

I’ve tried your product before and it was amazing!  This round I’m not getting that same flavor, what happened?
If you purchased our product from a storefront, chances are, it was pre-steeped.  If you purchase online, our juices do not come pre-steeped, they are made fresh and sent to your doorstep in record time.

Typically, if a juice is steeped, it allows deeper flavors to come out, the nicotine flavor will ease a bit, and the juice will begin to darken.  We use dark bottles to prevent quick, unintentional steeping — giving the juice a longer shelf life.

Why do you offer 0.0% – 2.4% nicotine levels, why the variation?
We offer a variety of nicotine strengths for a variety of different customers as there are different methods or tools for vaping.  Most mechanical or ‘mod’ users prefer lower levels, between 0.3%-1.2% of nicotine, as the effects are greater when ‘dripped’ straight from the wick, whereas traditional cartomizer users generally prefer 0.6%-2.4%.

Cartomizers do not have the same enhancing effect on nicotine or flavors.  We offer a 0.0% option as well for those who prefer no nicotine.

What type of facility is the juice made in?
All products from Signature Vape Juice are made within an ISO 5 classified installation.  All of our employees follow strict hygiene guidelines and don lab and safety equipment before they are permitted into the mixing area.

Does Signature Vape Juice contain tobacco?
No, but it does contain nicotine derived from tobacco.

Is your zero (0.0%) nicotine juice completely nicotine free?
Absolutely!  Our zero nicotine recipes are entirely free of nicotine.  The products used in the mixing process are not cross-contaminated in any way.

What is the shelf life of Signature Vape Juice?
The shelf life of all Signature Vape Juice e-liquid products is approximately 18 months if stored in a cool, dark, dry place away from direct sunlight or if stored in the refrigerator.

We provide dark bottles to help prolong the life of our e-juice; however, you’ll want to keep the bottles out of places where it could be exposed to extreme temperature change and direct sunlight and places.  We encourage you to never store Signature Vape Juice within reach of children or pets.

I’m looking for an ingredients list. Is this something you provide?
We provide a list of ingredients on the label of each of our products as well as on each product page.  Signature Vape Juice is happy to disclose our ingredient list as we use the best, most pure products available:

USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin, USP Grade Propylene Glycol, USP Grade Nicotine (except in Zero Nicotine recipes) and USP Grade Natural & Artificial flavors.

We urge our suppliers to remove added coloring, along with any other unnecessary additives in order to provide the safest product possible.

I’m interested in learning about any upcoming products and flavors Signature Vape Juice is working on.  Where can I get information?
Simply sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page.  We send out updates for all of our latest products and even special offers.

If you’re a wholesaler, contact us with your information and you will be added to our Wholesale Newsletter, which will keep you ahead of the game with all of our latest updates.

Can I recommend a flavor?
Of course!  If you are a wholesaler and would like a flavor that we do not offer, simply get in touch with us with the desired flavor description so that we can begin working on another masterpiece!

…More coming soon…

Do you have a question that isn’t listed above? Let us know via our contact information!