When we first set out to make our products, we did not foresee it as a business venture so much as a way to help those close to us.  When our family members started bringing home electronic cigarettes and using e-juices from a number of online resources, we decided that we would do some research into the manufacturing process and see what exactly our friends and family were inhaling.  We quickly realized that there were no regulations on the market yet, and most companies didn’t bother to list the ingredients they used, we found the latter concerning.

With those close to us using these devices in place of their old habits, we thought it would be wise to manufacture a product for them without the harmful additives.  Knowing exactly which ingredients were being used in the mixing process was a huge relief for them and us.  We spent many months working on our first few flavors, getting feedback from those around us on what they liked and disliked about each flavor, what they’d like changed, even creating new mixes based upon their input.  We have seen a lot of growth since then, but we have not lost touch of our founding principles.  We are passionate about the ingredients, flavors and the overall quality of our product line.  Each of our flavors goes through an extensive testing and vetting period, many changes are made in the process, tweaking each Signature™ flavor until it is perfect, then and only then will we release it to our customers.  Our customers are of the finest caliber and would expect nothing less.

Signature Vape Juice™ was founded with a vision to create a high quality product without the additional harmful additives.  With our customers at the forefront of our business, this allows us to keep our integrity when creating products.

We believe in doing things right the first time, so our testing & quality control are among the top of our priorities!  All of our products are made within an ISO 5 classified installation.  We value our customers and hope for a long-lasting relationship with you.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns regarding our company or products.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!